• Management Audits

    Management audit is an unique and the most effective tool for analyzing the effectiveness of an organizational internal control policy and procedures. Our management audit function helps the management of any entity to understand and rate themselves against the standards set by them for implementation and the discipline to follow them.

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  • Special Audit

    Certain areas of an entity require more than the usual management attention. As the risk involved in these functional areas are phenomenal, the control & reporting of these areas assumes importance. Our special audit team helps the management to have an in depth analysis of the present activities of those areas and provides a detailed study on improvisation & effective utilization of the available resources in such functional areas.

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  • Global Assurance Services

    In the modern era, where entities are making their presence felt globally, the order of the day is to be transparent & provide the requisite disclosures with an aim to safeguard the interest of the investors, fund houses, etc. As the accounting and the disclosure practices are followed distinctly in different places, the need for providing an universal reporting mechanism has gained momentum in the recent past.

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  • Due Diligence Audits

    Due Diligence may be defined as an audit of an audit. We take intricate steps in arriving at the feasibility reports for our clients and ensure that we leave no open trap doors and give an overall clear view of the upcoming hurdles and possible opportunities.

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  • Virtual CFO

    VCFO Service Offerings

    • Accounting
    • Statutory Compliance
    • Process Excellence
    • Vendor Management
    • Debtor Management
    • Secretarial Work
    • Reporting
    • End to End Management

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  • Data Analytics

    With its roots in a ‘data driven’ profession, the firm believes in going beyond its services in adding value to the client’s business and help find answers to business questions:

    • Why are my sales declining? What is my demand likely to be in the future?
    • Who is my target customer? How can I segment the market?
    • Can I optimize my product mix, so that my profits are maximized?
    • Which customers are likely to default? Do I have a credit risk score for them?

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  • International Taxation

    With an array of multinational enterprises, setting up their shops in India, and with the pro active trade policies & agreements between India and various other countries, the number of cross border transactions have grown phenomenally.

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  • Transfer Pricing

    With the growing importance on leveraging the geographical advantage such as skill set, abundance of resources, etc. has made many of the business entities to spread their wings across the borders. When the presence of an organization grows boundless, it should be equipped to face the legal requirements in various locations.

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  • Foreign Portfolio Investors

    Our Services for

    • Advisory services for structuring investments from a tax- and regulatory - efficient perspective and setting up presence in India
    • Regulatory and Accounting Services
    • Compliance Services – Obtaining Permanent Account Number (PAN) & Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)
    • Compliance Services - Computation of income and issue of letter/ certificate

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  • Settlement Commission

    Income Tax Settlement Commission is a premier Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) body in India. The Wanchoo Committee under the Chairmanship of Justice K.N. Wanchoo had conceived of the Settlement Commission as a mechanism to allow a one-time tax evader or an unintending defaulter to make clean breast of his affairs.

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  • Statutory Audits

    Every Indian entity is bound by the Indian legal laws and accountability for their transactions done in India. The Indian legal system under various statues has prescribed mandatory audit of the accounts of the entities operating in India.

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  • Corporate Taxation

    Income tax law in India requires corporates having a gross turnover of 60 lakhs and have their accounts audited under Sec 44 AB. Our expert tax advisory team also provides solutions on availing possible tax benefits and tax shelters as per the provisions of the Income Tax Act.

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  • Firms & Individuals Taxation

    Income tax law in India requires assessees having a gross turnover of INR 60 lakhs and have their accounts audited under Sec 44 AB. Our expert tax advisory team also provides solutions on availing possible tax benefits and tax shelters as per the provisions of the Income Tax Act.

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  • NGO Taxation

    NGO's operate under a different system which requires specilaised domain expertise to handle. With a large amount of social activities inflow of contributions and government involvement, NGO's are a special set of Clientele for us.

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  • Indirect Taxation

    India has an unique system of Indirect taxes applying across various industries. Indirect taxes such as Excise duty for concerns involved in the manufacture of goods, Customs duty on import of Capital goods or other merchandise, VAT on sale of goods and service tax on select services has been the major areas of interest concerning the industries and the common public.

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Our Team

Our Team

We have professionals dealing in Audit and Assurance, Taxation, Appeals and legal consultancy, Information systems Audit, International taxation, Due diligence, Valuation of entities, Management consultancy, etc.


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