Specialised Focus

  • Management Audits

    Management Audits

    Management audit is an unique and the most effective tool for analyzing the effectiveness of an organizational internal control policy and procedures. Our management audit function helps the management of any entity to understand and rate themselves against the standards set by them for implementation and the discipline to follow them.

    Our unique solutions, understand the need and requirement of the management and implements the same in the course of our audit to reflect the objective of the management.

    Some of the entities for whom we are regularly doing the audit are as follows:

    • Management audit of Corporate and Non Corporate
    • Management audit of Government entities
    • Management audit of Public Sector Undertakings

    Industry Experience - Management Audits

    Industry Experience

    • Banking
    • Industrial Manufacturing
    • Infrastructure
    • IT & ITES
    • Pharma & Healthcare
    • Real estate
    • Telecommunication

  • Special Audit

    Special Audit

    Certain areas of an entity require more than the usual management attention. As the risk involved in these functional areas are phenomenal, the control & reporting of these areas assumes importance.

    Our special audit team helps the management to have an in depth analysis of the present activities of those areas and provides a detailed study on improvisation & effective utilization of the available resources in such functional areas.

    The following are the specialized auditing services covered by us at present:

    • Credit Audit of Financial Oraganization
    • Propriety Audit
    • Investigation Assignment / Fraud Detection Assignment

    Industry Experience - Special Audit

    Industry Experience

    • Banking
    • Financial Services
    • Healthcare
    • Industrial Manufacturing
    • IT & ITES
    • Telecommunication

  • Transfer Pricing

    Transfer Pricing

    With the growing importance on leveraging the geographical advantage such as skill set, abundance of resources, etc. has made many of the business entities to spread their wings across the borders. When the presence of an organization grows boundless, it should be equipped to face the legal requirements in various locations.

    To avoid exploitation of the rightful revenue for a country, the transfer pricing mechanism is adopted as a tool to regulate, control and manage such revenues. Our Transfer pricing team ensures that the business transactions are carried out with a proper pricing mechanism without jeopardizing the interests of any country in which the multinational enterprise are operating.

    The basket of services provided includes:

    • Detailed transfer pricing study on the pricing aspects in accordance with Indian legal regulations
    • Advisory on framing a transfer pricing policy for a multinational group
    • Conducting extensive research on the industry peers to ascertain the pricing options
    • Representation before the Indian Income tax authorities on assessments of transfer pricing policies

    Industry Experience - Transfer Pricing

    Industry Experience

    • Aerospace
    • Banking & Financial services
    • Entertainment & Media
    • Hospitaity & Leisure
    • Industrial Manufacturing
    • IT & ITES
    • Pharma & Healthcare
    • Power & Infrastructure
    • Telecommunications

  • Global Assurance Services

    Global Assurance Services

    In the modern era, where entities are making their presence felt globally, the order of the day is to be transparent & provide the requisite disclosures with an aim to safeguard the interest of the investors, fund houses, etc. As the accounting and the disclosure practices are followed distinctly in different places, the need for providing an universal reporting mechanism has gained momentum in the recent past.

    With more nations following the universal reporting on the basis of international financial reporting standards (IFRS), the Indian entities will also be aligning themselves in following the IFRS from the accounting year 2010-11.

    Our global assurance service division provides:

    • Framing accounting policies & disclosure policies in line with the IFRS
    • Conversion/translation of financial statements under Indian GAAP to IFRS
    • Expert Advisory on adoption & implementation of IFRS for the Indian entities

    Industry Experience - Global Assurance Services

    Industry Experience

    • Entertainment & Media
    • Industrial Manufacturing
    • IT & ITES
    • Pharma & Healthcare
    • Power & Infrastructure
    • Natural resources & Mining
    • Real Estate

  • Foreign Portfolio Investors

    Foreign Portfolio Investors

    Our Services for FPI

    • Advisory services for structuring investments from a tax- and regulatory - efficient perspective and setting up presence in India
    • Regulatory and Accounting Services
    • Compliance Services – Obtaining Permanent Account Number (PAN) & Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)
    • Compliance Services - Computation of income and issue of letter/ certificate
    • Compliance Services - Advance Tax
    • Compliance Services - Tax Return
    • Representation and Litigation Support Services
      • Assessments
      • Appeals
    • Advisory Services
    Why MCA?
    • We have a passion for innovation and solutions
    • Ongoing research and training, enabling us to guide clients in understanding and complying with complex tax laws
    • Commitment towards handholding clients, enabling a smooth sailing into India
    • Expertise in understanding complex financial instruments
    • Experience in representing clients before various tax authorities
    • An enviable success rate in litigation
    • Partner-led approach, ensuring early identification and resolution of important issues
    • Senior and experienced personnel involved at the strategic planning stage, providing not just advice but practicable alternatives
    • Constant monitoring and quick turn around of queries and resolutions
    • Excellent networking with top custodians in the country and with administrators and fund managers in important foreign jurisdictions

    Industry Experience - Foreign Portfolio Investors

    Industry Experience

    We have serviced FIIs/FPIs from a large number of countries including USA, UK, Taiwan, Singapore, Mauritius, Australia, Malaysia etc. Some of these have been multi mullion dollar investment funds with a substantially large exposure to Indian securities. We work closely with almost all the top custodians in the country like Deutsche Bank, Citi, HSBC, Standard Chartered, Kotak, IL&FS, Edelweiss, Orbis etc.

    Our automated portfolio accounting service and other automated practices help us in providing error free, quick and efficient global quality services to our clients. We are well known in the industry for our extremely quick turnaround time.


  • International Taxation

    International Taxation

    With an array of multinational enterprises, setting up their shops in India, and with the pro active trade policies & agreements between India and various other countries, the number of cross border transactions have grown phenomenally.

    The number of expats, working in India for the Indian MNEs, or the subsidiaries of the foreign companies are increasing day by day. This increases the importance of a strong international fiscal policy and guidance on the same. With a dedicated team to work on any such international tax issues, our firm has been the preferred advisors for numerable MNEs in India.

    Some of the services rendered by our firm include:

    • Global tax planning for Corporates & Business entities
    • Advisory on Double taxation avoidance agreements with various countries
    • EXPAT & NRI taxation services

    Industry Experience - International Taxation

    Industry Experience

    • Aerospace
    • Banking & Financial services
    • Entertainment & Media
    • Hospitaity & Leisure
    • Industrial Manufacturing
    • IT & ITES
    • Pharma & Healthcare
    • Power & Infrastructure
    • Telecommunications

  • Settlement Commission

    Settlement Commission

    Representation before the Settlement Commission

    Income Tax Settlement Commission is a premier Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) body in India. The Wanchoo Committee under the Chairmanship of Justice K.N. Wanchoo had conceived of the Settlement Commission as a mechanism to allow a one-time tax evader or an unintending defaulter to make clean breast of his affairs. The settlement mechanism allows taxpayers to disclose additional Income before it over and above what has been already disclosed before the Income tax Department. An assessee may make an application to Settlement Commission at any stage of the case.  The Commission is required to pass the Settlement order within 18 months of filling of the application. It has wide power of granting immunity from Penalty and prosecution, which are major sources of litigation. The orders passed by the Commission are final and conclusive.

  • Due Diligence Audits

    Due Diligence Audits

    Due Diligence may be defined as an audit of an audit. We take intricate steps in arriving at the feasibility reports for our clients and ensure that we leave no open trap doors and give an overall clear view of the upcoming hurdles and possible opportunities.

    We provide in depth analysis in the following arenas:

    • For Corporate - On their functionality & growth
    • For Banks - Financial feasibility of customers
    • For Lead Managers - For Public issues
    • For Lead Managers - On Private Placements
    • For Stock Exchanges - On PMS providers
    • For FCCB issues & ECB issues

    Industry Experience - Due Diligence Audits

    Industry Experience

    • Automative
    • Biotechnology
    • Engineering
    • Industrial Manufacturing
    • IT & ITES
    • Pharma & Healthcare
    • Power & Infrastructure
    • Service Sector

  • VCFO Services

    VCFO Services

    VCFO Service Offerings

    • Accounting
    • Statutory Compliance
    • Process Excellence
    • Vendor Management
    • Debtor Management
    • Secretarial Work
    • Reporting
    • End to End Management



    • Channels
    • Focused process
    • Right skill sets
    • Induction & Training


    • Capability development
    • Cross skills training
    • Career development
    • Regular forums


    • Rewards & Recognition
    • Open and transparent performance management


    • Reporting on Monthly Performance
    • Debit/Credit balance analysis

    Why VCFO?

    • Higher Quality with reduced cost 
    • Better risk management
    • Staffing flexibility
    • Gain competitive edge in the market
    • Quick turnaround time
    • Focus on core business objects
    • Effective utilization of capital expenditure
  • Data Analytics

    Data Analytics

    With its roots in a ‘data driven’ profession, the firm believes in going beyond its services in adding value to the client’s business and help find answers to business questions -

    • Why are my sales declining? What is my demand likely to be in the future?
    • Who is my target customer? How can I segment the market?
    • Can I optimize my product mix, so that my profits are maximized?
    • Which customers are likely to default? Do I have a credit risk score for them?

    MCA offers a right blend of new age financial, technology, statistics and industry experts who transform data into insights that aid decision making. Our integrated interdisciplinary approach and cross-industry experience help in solving high-impact business problems across various functions of an organization.

    We also offer a wide spectrum of solutions that include Business Intelligence, Performance Management and Data Analytics for a business:

    • Sales Forecasting
    • Resources Optimization
    • Web Analytics
    • Customer Segmentation
    • Sentiment Analysis
    • Portfolio Analysis

    We go beyond answering ‘what happened’ to ‘why it happened’, ‘what can happen’ and ‘what is the best that can happen’. Our analytical approach is designed to manifest your operational and accounting transactions into actionable insights.

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